Commercial offer on favorable conditions for the rent  of office, industrial, warehouse and shop accommodations that are under  twenty-four-hour protection  on closed territory, near bus stops, convenient access from different districts of  Chernigiv:

  • office accommodations, renovated and have all the necessary communications, located on the first and second floor of the office building, the area varies from 15 m2 to 50 m2, internet, communication. On the third floor is a showroom 400m2 with modern audio and video equipment.

  • production facilities – a two-story metal workshop  (600 m2) with the power and communications. Canteen (300 m2) and workshop for the baking of bread and cakes (120 m2) equipped with facilities. Production workshop for any activity (360 m2), ceiling height is 3.5m. possibility to part-rent. Former boiler (500m2), own substation, fence enclosure. Greenhouse complex (200 m2) with communications. Wood-working shop (360m2) with capacities, easy access, the surrounding area can be used as a warehouse. The buildings complex of garage type (350 m2) with high ceilings,  the possibility to use as service, cleaning.

  • the warehouses (500-1000m2), metal frame with communications under the protection of an enclosed area. Metal shed (300m2) can be used under the parking lot for overall cars, service rake incline, fuels and lubricants.

  • the grocery store, shopping hall (60m2), back rooms with equipment (60m2). Basement (60 m2) a separate entrance for shop, cafe.

For questions about renting please call:
Shapoval Julia Viktorovna
Commercial Department: